Retraining and Study

  • How to turn your hobby into a career

    Think of your very favourite past time, the activity you turn to for fun when work is finished and all your chores are done. Now imagine that this activity is your job – wouldn’t that be fab?! Who hasn’t fantasised about getting up each morning and dreamily going about the day doing the things you

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    Finding a good bookkeeper

    Finding a bookkeeper might seem like a pretty straight forward task, but it’s finding a good bookkeeper that can be the tricky part. Some companies might believe that plonking someone in front of a computer screen and getting them to input numbers from various documents with little understanding of what they are doing is all

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    A levels

    What are A levels? A Levels and AS levels are the usual courses offered to 16-19 year old’s at colleges and sixth forms in the UK and are the qualification of choice for higher education centres who require that potential students have completed and gained grades in a particular number of courses specifically tailored to

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    Making a career change

    How to take a leap in the right direction A change of career can mean going for that high-powered managerial position, starting your own business or perhaps finally following a vocation to teach.  With the advent of later state pensions, working lives are now likely to last until at least the age of 67, so

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    Should you be honest on your CV

    The Benjamin Franklin quote that “Honesty is the best policy” may be a good principle by which to live your life, but when it comes to preparing a CV it can be tempting to, well, enhance the odd snippet of information it contains in an effort to improve your chances of securing a job. But

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    Training staff on the job

    When it comes to training your employees, training staff on the job is often the best idea. That way they are actually putting their new skills into practice as they learn. It can help them to learn at a faster pace and benefits your company right from the start. You don’t have to wait for them

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