• Tracking your childs progress at school

    Tracking your child’s progress at school

    Have you thought about tracking your child’s progress at school or are you already bang up to date? Packing your little bundle of joy off to school every morning without knowing what they are really doing all day can be a tough thing for some parents to do, especially if you take a keen, hands-on

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    supporting your child with different learning difficulties

    Should I send my child to private school?

    Are you sat there wondering ‘should I send my child to private school?’ or does the thought of paying for education when it’s free for all, send you crazy? Private or Public schools have long been associated with the very wealthy, where only the upper class and super-rich can afford to send their children. There

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    financially preparing for a baby

    School Fees: How much should I expect to pay?

    Are you thinking about private education and researching the cost of school fees? When considering your options for your child’s education as a working parent you have a number of routes available to you. Of course all parents have the right to a free education for their children between the ages of 5 to 16

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    Bullied by other mums at the school gates?

    Have you been bullied by other mums at the school gates? School can be a pretty tough place if every morning and afternoon you face dodging the spiteful comments, bitchy remarks, turned backs or seething glares, and that isn’t referring to the children! You may have thought the days of playground bullies were left behind

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    teaching your child to share

    Out of school childcare

    Out of school childcare can be a headache for many working parents. Your child’s been happy at their nursery or with your childminder for the past three to four years, and everything has been running smoothly. But now that school is looming, your child’s day – and your childcare arrangements – are about to get

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    what parents can do to support their children's learning

    Ofsted school inspections: What do they mean?

    My children’s school recently went into panic mode. Why? Because they had just received the notification that Ofsted were on their way for their latest inspection. The news is enough to send any school into overdrive because the outcome of such reports is so important to parents when choosing a school for their child –

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