• my child has no friends

    Dealing with racist bullying

    Racist bullying in school has taken on a whole new connotation in recent years. Schools in Britain today are a vibrant mix of different religions, races, colours and creeds, all of which should be equally respected. Bullying of any kind has no place in school and racist bullying is a crime and can be dealt

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    Tracking your childs progress at school

    Choosing a Secondary School

    Choosing a secondary school comes round quicker than you think! It may seem only yesterday that you were considering the choices for your child’s primary school education and yet suddenly the secondary school decision is upon you and the final part of your child’s imposed education is to be decided. This therefore has almost as

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    reading no longer a popular pastime among children

    Choosing a primary school

    Choosing a primary school for your child is such an important milestone in both your lives. When you are having to think about primary school places whilst your child is still in nappies, it can be incredibly daunting to think that decisions that you make at this stage are going to influence your child’s formative

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    Hiring an au pair

    Choosing a nursery

    Choosing a nursery is important; whether you are going back to work after a period of maternity leave, or sending your little one out on their first experience of nursery or pre-school, choosing a childcare facility will be no easy task. The list of concerns and factors to consider is endless, especially if you are

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    Holiday playschemes

    How do you choose a nursery for your child?

    Choosing a nursery for your child is a huge stepping stone in our lives. Whether you’re returning to work full time or part time or just looking for a nursery to provide the first steps in their educational journey, choosing the right setting for your child is a big decision and one you want to

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    key stages and the national curriculum explained

    Boarding Schools in the UK: What’s the reality?

    For some parents, boarding schools in the UK are the only option – but are you really sending your child off to a Victorian hell hole with ritualised initiation ceremonies, cold showers and endless boiled cabbage – or are most of our preconceived notions about boarding schools rooted in the 1950s? Yes, it seems they are,

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