• annoying things non parents say

    Beating the morning rush

    Is beating the morning rush just a pipe dream? Ever blown up the microwave trying to ‘emergency-dry’ a school shirt (surely there was another clean one in the drawer)? Or realised halfway to school that you haven’t brushed your child’s hair, let alone tied it back? And if you get all that right, how about

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    my child won't go to nursery

    My child won’t go to nursery

    Help! My child won’t go to nursery! Its a common problem many parents face. Nursery, it’s a big step, scary for both parent and child and for that reason it can be hard for them to let go and venture of on their own to play with people they don’t know. If your child lays

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    reading no longer a popular pastime among children

    Are schools dad friendly?

    Are schools dad friendly? A question that is being asked as more and more dads take on the school runs and play an active role in their child’s education. Mums on the school run or stood chatting outside the school gates isn’t anything out of the ordinary. From the days when the majority of women

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    what is the make it work campaign

    Be proud to be a working parent

    You should be proud to be a working parent right? It’s not always so easy… I spotted the bullies across the playground, but it was too late – they were huddled around the school gate, and there was no escape. I’d have to walk straight through the middle of their gang, and I knew it

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