School holiday clubs

School accessibility for disabled children

Every child has the right to an education from the age of 5 years. For children with disabilities this may be more challenging, but there are regulations in place to promote inclusion in all schools, meaning that your child should not be disadvantaged or excluded from school because of any disabilities they face. Choosing a

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Holiday playschemes

Term time holiday ban

The Government has cited the loss of ‘valuable learning time’ as the reason behind its decision to ban families from taking children out of school during term time. But the move has not gone down well with hundreds of thousands of parents up and down the country. Previous rules Previously, headteachers were able to grant

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Is nanny sharing a better option

Before new parents return to work, thoughts have to turn to childcare. While you want the best care possible for your little one, you don’t want the cost of it to break the bank and make going back to work feel like a waste of time. As anyone who has looked into childcare knows, it

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Holiday entitlements at work

Will term time holidays continue?

The government have received a petition demanding they put a stop to the ban on schoolchildren taking time off school for holidays during term-time. The petition has 126,000 signatures and has been submitted to the Department for Education. Campaigners state that families can’t afford the inflated cost of a holiday during school holidays. 10 days

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helping at school

Holiday childcare

It’s the Summer Holidays and your tiny little bundles of terror are off school, but what happens when you still have to go to work? For some the reality is that they can’t rely on family help to support them when they have to work, and many employers simply can’t allow you to have that

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Childcare child playing

Help with childcare costs

Falling pregnant is an exciting time but with a new baby comes physical, emotional and financial challenges. One of the biggest stretches on a family’s finances is childcare costs, with an average full time place costing £11,000 a year. If you live in London you could be looking at £14,000 a year – childcare does

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