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Children in childcare

Childcare Costs 2013

So far 2013 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, the prices of things just keeps going up and up while in the wise words of Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall, ‘Money’s too tight to mention’. So when we read reports about childcare costs in the UK and how a full time Nursery place for your

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Employer supported childcare

Employer Supported Childcare

The employer supported childcare scheme looks set to be replaced in 2015 with the new tax-free childcare system which will see working parents with children under the age of five (or under 17 if they are disabled) getting money toward the cost of childcare, up to £1200 per child per year, which will look like

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Summer term childcare challenges

Children may rejoice as the summer holiday approaches, but for many working parents it can be a nightmare juggling childcare and keeping them entertained without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions for a stress-free summer… Sharing childcare Many families use the summer holiday to use up at least two weeks of annual leave and

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starting nursery

Starting Nursery

Starting nursery can be a very anxious time for both toddler and parent. Having a child who is reluctant to go can be doubly distressing. Often there can be feelings of guilt and sadness on the part of the parents, exacerbated by the knowledge that an era is ending. What should be an exciting and

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teaching your child to share

Out of school childcare

Out of school childcare can be a headache for many working parents. Your child’s been happy at their nursery or with your childminder for the past three to four years, and everything has been running smoothly. But now that school is looming, your child’s day – and your childcare arrangements – are about to get

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