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be happy at work

Be less miserable at work

Let’s face it, if most of us had the good fortune of a lottery win we would not be battling our way to work with the rest of the rat race. I know my Monday morning glum face would not grace an office building at eight o’clock on a morning again – I would “pursue

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what are my rights regarding holiday entitlements

What are my rights regarding holiday entitlement

It’s a fact most of us live for our holidays. We can’t wait to pack our sunglasses and the factor 25(ish), bid a fond farewell to our work colleagues for a short while and jet off to somewhere sunny; but what about our holiday entitlement? Are we allowed any? How long should we work somewhere

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perks of the job

Perks of the job

Any successful business knows that the secret to its success is the happiness of its employees. Without them there would be no business. You rely upon your employees to provide your services and keep customers happy. If they fail to do that you would lose customers/clients and your business would slowly fail. Happy employees work

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tips for keeping your employees

Tips for keeping your employees happy and loyal

The secret to any successful business is happy, loyal employees. However, the focus is often more on gaining new customers and increasing profits. Some employers tend to forget about the people who help them do it. Happy and loyal employees will be more productive and keen to help you improve the business. The key to

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industrial strike action

How to start Industrial action

If you’re considering industrial action at work, there are a few options open to you. Industrial action is when workers decide to either go on all out strike or take other action such as refusing to do overtime. The latter is known as ‘action short of a strike’. Calling action Industrial action is organised officially

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What not to do when networking

Networking is the perfect way to enhance your career or grow your business. Despite the popularity, and undoubted value, of online networking, meeting people face-to-face remains an invaluable way to make new connections. Not everyone relishes the challenge of walking into a networking event and schmoozing with a bunch of strangers. Novice networkers often make

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