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How does your office environment affect productivity

Walk into any office and you are immediately hit by the atmosphere – it may be lively, quiet, sombre, tense, energetic, and any other descriptions you can imagine. Elements of the physical environment make significant contribution to this, and can have a dramatic effect on productivity – for better or for worse. Colour me Happy

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Coping with redundancy

You may have known it was coming, or perhaps it was a complete shock, but the fallout from redundancy is the same. It can have devastating effects on self-confidence, self-worth, and on the financial practicalities of life. Learning to cope with the new status-quo as quickly as possible will aid recovery from the shock, and

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Attending a business exhibition

One of the most powerful ways of marketing your company these days is by attending a business exhibition. These are great for generating interest in your business and you could even get a really good return on your investment. In order to do this however, you need to understand how to attract passers-by to your

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Tips for a productive morning

Being productive in a morning can be difficult. As a freelance writer, it’s crucial that I get a big chunk of my work done before noon. If I don’t get my work done early in the day, I’m going to fall behind and will undoubtedly end up feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately though, I am not a morning

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Your small business and discrimination in the workplace

Running a small business is not an easy task. There’s so much that you need to be mindful of. One thing it would help to familiarise yourself with is discrimination law. If you aren’t familiar with this law and you have employees, you could end up in a lot of trouble one day without even

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Finding a job after university

In today’s climate the job market can seem like a pretty bleak place and recent graduates could be forgiven for feeling like they’re banging their heads against a brick wall.  However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are jobs out there and by putting the effort in and making yourself stand out, you will

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