Special education needs (SEN)

My child is a genius

Getting involved in your child’s education

Getting involved in your child’s education may be the last thing on your mind in your overstretched and time squeezed lifestyle. However, primary school teachers are desperately trying to get the message through that they and your kids both need your help. In the long term, what you do or don’t do at home with

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how to deal with a death in the family

Dealing with a problem at school

Dealing with a problem at school can be a little tricky but if your child has a problem at school there are a number of steps you can take to make sure it is dealt with quickly and to the best possible outcome. Depending on the severity of the issue at hand, there are various levels

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Tracking your childs progress at school

Choosing a Secondary School

Choosing a secondary school comes round quicker than you think! It may seem only yesterday that you were considering the choices for your child’s primary school education and yet suddenly the secondary school decision is upon you and the final part of your child’s imposed education is to be decided. This therefore has almost as

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key stages and the national curriculum explained

Boarding Schools in the UK: What’s the reality?

For some parents, boarding schools in the UK are the only option – but are you really sending your child off to a Victorian hell hole with ritualised initiation ceremonies, cold showers and endless boiled cabbage – or are most of our preconceived notions about boarding schools rooted in the 1950s? Yes, it seems they are,

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