Time management and organisation

hiring a private maternity nurse

What does a nanny do?

What does a nanny do? Having our own Mary Poppins would be great but the role of a nanny isn’t quite the same as the magical character we all know and love. Having children is a full time job in itself; from never ending mountains of clothes to wash to helping with homework – the

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the wonder of storytelling,

Your child’s first day at school

Your child’s first day at school will be one every parent will remember. My daughter’s first day was momentous – along the lines of first words, first steps and, more recently, first wobbly tooth. We’d spent all summer getting ready – buying uniform, reading “going to school” books, talking about what it might be like

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Back to school stress: How to avoid it

My child refuses to go to school: What can I do?

‘Help! My child refuses to go to school’ – if that’s a problem you face then rest assured that at some point, most children will occasionally try to wriggle out of going to school. We all know the anxiety of trying to decide whether a child is truly ill, or just trying it on. Force

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Is the most expensive childminder the best?

Childminder or Nursery?

Deciding whether you want a childminder or nursery look after your child whilst you are working can be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. All parents want the best for their child, but each family has different needs and preferences. Here are some suggestions that may help you to start your

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key stages and the national curriculum explained

Boarding Schools in the UK: What’s the reality?

For some parents, boarding schools in the UK are the only option – but are you really sending your child off to a Victorian hell hole with ritualised initiation ceremonies, cold showers and endless boiled cabbage – or are most of our preconceived notions about boarding schools rooted in the 1950s? Yes, it seems they are,

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annoying things non parents say

Beating the morning rush

Is beating the morning rush just a pipe dream? Ever blown up the microwave trying to ‘emergency-dry’ a school shirt (surely there was another clean one in the drawer)? Or realised halfway to school that you haven’t brushed your child’s hair, let alone tied it back? And if you get all that right, how about

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