Tuition Fees

University students

University Tuition Fees

The amount each student can expect to pay for undergraduate university tuition fees is dependent upon the individual institution, the course, the location of the university and even the whereabouts of the student’s usual residence. How Much will I Pay? This term refers to undergraduates who possess permanent residency in the UK and are considered

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University girl

Choosing a University

There are a dizzying amount of factors involved when choosing a university and many students can begin to feel overwhelmed by the entire process. If you already know what course you want to do then other elements come into play: finances, quality of education and the reputation of a university. Those who are struggling to

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Top 10 educational apps for kids

How to raise children and study at the same time

Wondering how to raise children and study at the same time? At some point in your parenting career you may find that you need to study at evenings & weekends to keep your career on track. Completing a professional qualification on top of bringing up kids and running a house may sound impossible, but other

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Retrain at University

Could I really retrain and go to University?

It happened to me. There I was, sat at my desk and filing paperwork, when the boss came over with a grave look on her face. She asked if I would join her in the boardroom straight away, and I duly obliged – trailing behind her with my heart sinking rapidly into my stilettos. There

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