• Stay safe at university

    Attending university is an exciting time, full of new experiences and blossoming independence. Whilst it’s important to get out there and have fun, it’s also crucial that you stay safe at university. Earlier this year it was reported that King’s College London has the highest rate of crime, burglary and robbery for university students. The

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    Choosing a university course

    Choosing a university course is a huge decision to make. Your choice must take into account multiple factors: the subject, the university, your financial situation and career prospects in the future. Firstly, you must decide if you actually want to go to university, independent of pressures from family, friends and teachers. There are multiple other

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    job seekers allowance

    Finding a job after university

    In today’s climate the job market can seem like a pretty bleak place and recent graduates could be forgiven for feeling like they’re banging their heads against a brick wall.  However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are jobs out there and by putting the effort in and making yourself stand out, you will

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    A levels

    What are A levels? A Levels and AS levels are the usual courses offered to 16-19 year old’s at colleges and sixth forms in the UK and are the qualification of choice for higher education centres who require that potential students have completed and gained grades in a particular number of courses specifically tailored to

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    Interview tips

    Attending an interview can be nerve wracking, especially if you haven’t had one for a while. It’s important to make sure you prepare yourself and have an idea of what to expect beforehand. To help we’ve put together a few top interview tips for what to do before and when you’re there. Do your research

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    What are Diplomas?    Diplomas are courses aimed at 14 – 19 year olds who prefer a more practical than academic approach to studying. Although some schools and colleges provide courses to 14 year olds, most students begin a Diploma at age 16. Universities and employers have contributed to the development of Diplomas in order

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