• choosing college

    Choosing a college course

    Where do you start? When it comes to choosing a college course there are some key points to remember, the first, and probably most important, pick a course you are actually interested in and are likely to enjoy, don’t pick a course that you think will earn you the most money later on. There is

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    university budgeting

    Help your teen budget at university

    Leaving home for the first time is both an exciting and daunting experience.  Many teens who fly the nest at just 18 years old are going to University or College, and not into full time work.  Money is tight, and learning how to budget effectively is essential to prevent debts mounting. Some teens are more

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    university accommodation

    University accommodation for your teenager

    Moving out of home to go to University is often to first step towards independence for many teens.  Leaving behind the familiarity of a home, town and friends can be a massive culture-shock for your teen.  Most Universities recognise this, and have established Halls of Residence.  The University accommodation for your teenager are owned and

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    exam panic

    Exam panic

    Tests and exams are a challenging part of school life for both children and parents. Whether it’s SATs, entrance exams, GCSEs, A Levels or college and degree courses, each level of qualification brings with it its own Exam panic. As a parent, it’s important to support your child through whatever academic challenges they are facing

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    student loan rebate

    Adjusting to University Life

    In the coming weeks, tens of thousands of young people will be starting university for the first time. For many this will mean leaving the comfort of their own homes and the security of their parents to head out alone into the wide world. And while some may take to their new lives like ducks

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    Teenagers on holiday

    What are my child’s options at age 16?

    Finishing school is an exciting and daunting time for most 16 year olds, with many options open to them. From the summer of 2013 the age of participation is being increased to 17. This means that although a student may choose to leave school at 16, they are required to continue participating in education in

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