• University students

    Should my child go to university?

    Once upon a time graduating from university was seen as one of the best things a young person could do to guarantee a well-paid and secure career. These days, high fees and a lack of jobs are putting many parents and young people off. So what are the pros and cons of university education and

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    Adult education

    Adult Education Bursaries – Could you be Entitled?

    Perhaps you are a little surprised to see the word ‘bursary’? It may feel like a relic from the past, those halcyon days of full grants and reasonable tuition fees. But yes, bursaries do still exist, and even more surprisingly, these particular ones are designed for adults. What are Adult Education bursaries? They are offered

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    University students

    University Tuition Fees

    The amount each student can expect to pay for undergraduate university tuition fees is dependent upon the individual institution, the course, the location of the university and even the whereabouts of the student’s usual residence. How Much will I Pay? This term refers to undergraduates who possess permanent residency in the UK and are considered

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    cash incentives for good grades Teenager revising for exams

    Revision tips for exams

    With the right approach and a lot of preparation, revising for exams need not be as stressful as you may initially fear. Whether you are revising for first year exams or finals, with these tips, you can be well on your way to success. Devise a Timetable Research has shown that short bursts of revision

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    University girl

    Choosing a University

    There are a dizzying amount of factors involved when choosing a university and many students can begin to feel overwhelmed by the entire process. If you already know what course you want to do then other elements come into play: finances, quality of education and the reputation of a university. Those who are struggling to

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    supporting your child with different learning difficulties

    Should I send my child to private school?

    Are you sat there wondering ‘should I send my child to private school?’ or does the thought of paying for education when it’s free for all, send you crazy? Private or Public schools have long been associated with the very wealthy, where only the upper class and super-rich can afford to send their children. There

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