Vocational Training

Man doing distance learning at home

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

So. I lost my job last year. When it happened, I thought it was the worst moment of my life – I work in a specialist sector in a declining industry and to say the prospects aren’t rosy is putting it mildly. At the time I felt like going to the local scrap heap and

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Adult education

Adult Education Bursaries – Could you be Entitled?

Perhaps you are a little surprised to see the word ‘bursary’? It may feel like a relic from the past, those halcyon days of full grants and reasonable tuition fees. But yes, bursaries do still exist, and even more surprisingly, these particular ones are designed for adults. What are Adult Education bursaries? They are offered

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cash incentives for good grades Teenager revising for exams

Revision tips for exams

With the right approach and a lot of preparation, revising for exams need not be as stressful as you may initially fear. Whether you are revising for first year exams or finals, with these tips, you can be well on your way to success. Devise a Timetable Research has shown that short bursts of revision

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Made redundant

Your redundancy rights

Redundancy is one of the defining aspects of recessions, and always one of the most damaging for people. However, whilst it is common, this will likely to be of no comfort for people who experience it, and being made redundant as often described as being traumatic, stressful and distressing. You have entitlements Generally, people are

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Top 10 educational apps for kids

How to raise children and study at the same time

Wondering how to raise children and study at the same time? At some point in your parenting career you may find that you need to study at evenings & weekends to keep your career on track. Completing a professional qualification on top of bringing up kids and running a house may sound impossible, but other

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