Working for yourself

  • Open plan offices

    Ten Reasons People Hate Them! It was once hailed as the answer to productivity prayers, but has the collaborative, inclusive, open plan office design finally run its course? It’s not difficult to find voices online with plenty to say on the subject. Here are some of the most commonly cited reasons why open plan offices

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    How to set up a blog

    How to set up a blog and write successfully Do you have a passion?  Something which rocks your world?  Then blog about it!  Having your own blog can open the door to a vast range of opportunities – indeed, chances are, whatever you want out of life, a blog can help you get it…  Write

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    New business mistakes

    How to avoid the common pitfalls Starting up your own business can be an exciting, but also a complicated, period. It’s important that you get everything right in the beginning, as mistakes can lead to major issues with the business. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, people will always make mistakes. However, here are

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    Improving your business website

    Improving your business website to attract new clients or customers Attracting new clients and customers can be incredibly hard work at any time, but it’s always more worrying when you’re going through a bit of a lull. While some downtime is to be expected, it gives the ideal opportunity for businesses to refocus and generate

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    Calculating the value of your business

    Calculating the value of your business is essential if you want to sell it or seek an investor. Even if you don’t plan on selling, it’s still good to know how much your business is currently worth. Once you know, you can then put a strategy into place to increase its market value. Despite its

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    working from home

    Working from home

    The pro’s and con’s Working from home can be a double edged sword.   It depends as to reason why you are working from home and the job you are trying to do, as to how best go about it.  Reasons people work from home can vary.  It can be that it gives flexibility in allowing

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