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    Employment law reform

    Do you know what is expected of your business? Running a small business can be busy at the best of times and often you don’t have a dedicated HR employee to keep up with legislation. However, with the recent employment law reforms, it’s important that you understand exactly how your business might be affected. Here’s

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    businesswoman looks unhappy

    Is there really equality in the workplace?

    Depressing news for career women. A recent study by the Chartered Management Institute has discovered that men still earn more than their female counterparts, even when they do identical jobs. Despite 40 years of legislation demanding equality and equal pay in the workplace, it seems not much has changed. New research shows that women earn

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    Freelance business woman

    Registering as a Freelancer

    With the economic downturn more people have decided to start up their own business. One of the simplest forms is to become a freelancer, which involves no registration costs and minimal administration. If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, what areas do you need to be aware of? Before you start your business, there are some

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    fines for parents

    Thinking of home schooling?

    Put quite simply you are legally required to ensure your child is engaged in full time education, relative to their age and ability, however you are not required to send your child to state school. This opens the door for home schooling and gives some parents the chance to educate their children themselves. Whether the

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    Summer term childcare challenges

    Children may rejoice as the summer holiday approaches, but for many working parents it can be a nightmare juggling childcare and keeping them entertained without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions for a stress-free summer… Sharing childcare Many families use the summer holiday to use up at least two weeks of annual leave and

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