Working from home


The word crowdsourcing was coined in 2006 and relates to the practice of getting work or funds  from a large group of people by advertising online. Over the last decade, organisations and individuals have gone about obtaining services, ideas, monies or content by asking for contributions from large groups of people through specialised websites. Everyone

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Making a career change later on in life

As we approach middle age we often start thinking about how life has turned out compared to what our dreams and ambitions were when we were younger. Making a career change later on in life is a brave decision to make but also very liberating. Sometimes life’s twists and turns mean things turn out even

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Get the most out of network events

Attending events and reaching out to contacts is crucial if you are aiming to expand your business, whether that is you as an individual or a company you represent. Whether you regularly attend networking events or you’re about to experience one for the first time, it is important you have some sort of strategy. This

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Starting a bed and breakfast business

Many of us dream about the house in the country and setting up a quaint little B&B to support our new lifestyle; but before the rose tinted glasses send us into a country spin, it’s essential to really think about the practicalities of this vision before opening the doors. Here are a few things to

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women in work

How to ask to work from home

The idea of working from home is often very appealing, although that appeal usually revolves around getting to wear pyjamas all day. To be fair, that’s a decent incentive however your boss may not feel the same. If you’re seriously considering working from home it’s important you have your motivation and case firmly composed before

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Having multiple jobs

Having one job seems hard enough doesn’t it but many people actually have a second job or maybe two part time jobs. Having multiple jobs is on the increase, some through choice and others born from necessity. Why do people have multiple jobs? In these cash strapped times some people don’t actually have an alternative.

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