Your rights at work

Workplace discrimination against tattoos

Tattoos and piercings are now generally much more accepted than they were several years ago and many people have them. However, that doesn’t mean you will find it easy to get a job if you have a face full of body art. Although it will vary from job to job and depend on the individual

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parental leave

Parental Leave: What are you entitled to?

We all usually know our holiday entitlement at work and can’t wait to get our holidays booked, but sometimes we use our holiday leave for domestic arrangements, but would we be better saving our holiday entitlement for just that, and use the right to parental leave for other things? Not everyone understands their rights with

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Getting fired

Do you dread going to work in the mornings? Are you worried that you may lose your job in the near future? If so, these points may help you to make the most of your situation. Test the water If you have concerns about getting fired a good step forward may be to ask some

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What happens during a strike

Many years ago industrial action was quite common, it caused power cuts (I remember them well), it caused limitations on emergency services and of course severe hardship to those who were on strike as the majority were not receiving pay during that time. And who could forget the miner’s strike? Today strikes are not as

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How to deal with irritating colleagues

It’s extremely common for people to find themselves working alongside someone who for some reason pushes their buttons, causing friction and tension in the workplace. The reason the TV show ‘The Office’ was such a success, was because it’s depiction of fraught office dynamics was very close to home for many viewers. The difficulties can

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Returning to work after illness

Returning to work after illness can often prove difficult. Not only do you have to get back into your usual routine, you may feel demotivated, less confident in your role and maybe even like you’ve let your workmates or employers down. However, if you’re proactive and take some steps to ease the transition back into

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