Your rights at work

Working parents rights

Working parents rights at work When you’re trying to juggle work and family it can often become a real struggle. Things don’t always go according to plan when you have kids – there are times when you may need to take time off to look after them if they are sick. Or, there could be

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benefits for working parents

Flexible working

We all know that getting a healthy work/life balance can be difficult, but achieving it can bring numerous rewards. On average people who feel their personal life is not hindered by their working pattern find they actually enjoy their work more, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that happy staff make

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party etiquette

Office Christmas party etiquette

Chances are we all know the feeling of waking up filled with dread about what may or may not have happened the night before. However, if the night before was the annual work’s Christmas party, then you can multiply that dread by about a thousand. It’s one thing to completely embarrass yourself in front of

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Boost your CV

Applying for that dream job is all about selling yourself to your potential employer, and no matter how impressive your qualifications are, you will never get a chance if your CV doesn’t show at a glance exactly what that employer is looking for. Taking the time to look over your CV before you send it

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how to ask for pay rise

How do you ask for a pay rise

Recent economic downturn has seen more and more people finding it hard to spread their wages far enough to support all the components of their lives, especially those with children who get older and more demanding as money gets tighter. For some lucky people you may in a position where you really love your job

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workplace bullying

Tips for dealing with bullying in the workplace

Bullying can make your work life miserable. You can lose all confidence in yourself, those around you, and will certainly make you feel demotivated. It can make you feel depressed and ill and simply the thought of going to work in the morning can fill you with fear and dread. Bullying doesn’t always occur because

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