Your rights at work

training at work

Doing more training at work

Training at work Training within the workplace is beneficial to both the employer and the employee. What many employers don’t tend to realise however, is that employees actually want to train more.If you’re working for a company and you’re wondering how to broach the subject, there are a few tips that can help. The key

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employment law

Employment law reform

Do you know what is expected of your business? Running a small business can be busy at the best of times and often you don’t have a dedicated HR employee to keep up with legislation. However, with the recent employment law reforms, it’s important that you understand exactly how your business might be affected. Here’s

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not to wear at work

What not to wear at work

It’s often difficult to determine what you should and shouldn’t wear in the office. There used to be a pretty standard look that all office staff followed. However, these days there’s been a huge increase in the amount of casual dress days such as ‘dress down Friday’.Aimed to make these days more fun and relaxed,

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lunch break

Benefits of a lunch break

Ever eaten lunch on the run?  I’m willing to bet that most people reading this would admit to doing it from time to time.  I’d further wager that for many it is the norm.   Banking and finance giant ING recently commissioned research that took a snapshot of the lunchtime habits of workers in Australia.  The

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office etiquette

Office etiquette

If you wish to remain on the right side of your colleagues, you may want to brush up on your office etiquette. As the environment in which you spend a large portion of you time, it can be all too easy to get comfortable and forget you’re not hanging out with your friends, but are

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sibling bullying

Does your office have a bully

The presence of office politics is often taken for granted in the modern-day workplace, but when it escalates to bullying, it needs to be addressed. After revelations of incidents of bullying at No. 10, the subject has once again come to the fore via the media. Whereas in previous years it may have been seen

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