Your rights at work

agency workers

Agency workers rights

Agency workers rights at work When you’re working through an agency, you typically have a contract with them. However, when you start work with a company you also have a contract with them, you must also know the agency workers rights too. Agency workers are often known as temps as they work temporarily for companies

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bullying at work

Does your work place have a bully

The presence of office politics is often taken for granted in the modern-day workplace, but when it escalates to bullying, it needs to be addressed. After revelations of incidents of bullying at No. 10, the subject has once again come to the fore via the media. Whereas in previous years it may have been seen

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age discrimination at work

Age discrimination at work

In this day and age you’d think that age discrimination at work would be a thing of the past. Workers have fought for equality for decades and we have come a long way in many respects. However, there are still some companies/individuals that discriminate against workers for a number of reasons – and age tends

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businesswoman looks unhappy

Is there really equality in the workplace?

Depressing news for career women. A recent study by the Chartered Management Institute has discovered that men still earn more than their female counterparts, even when they do identical jobs. Despite 40 years of legislation demanding equality and equal pay in the workplace, it seems not much has changed. New research shows that women earn

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Employer supported childcare

Employer Supported Childcare

The employer supported childcare scheme looks set to be replaced in 2015 with the new tax-free childcare system which will see working parents with children under the age of five (or under 17 if they are disabled) getting money toward the cost of childcare, up to £1200 per child per year, which will look like

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