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Childcare Costs Greater than Mortgages

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According to research conducted by the Family and Childcare Trust, some working parents are paying more for their childcare than for their mortgage. In the recently published report, a family with one child attending nursery part-time, and another child going to after-school clubs pays an average of £7,549 each year. Parents with a child in full-time nursery can expect to pay £11,700 each year. Last year, the average mortgage in the UK was calculated to be £7207 per annum.

The Cost of Living

While childcare costs have risen by 27% since 2009, on average, wages have remained the same. It appears mothers and lone parents are most affected by the costs of childcare, with many having to leave their jobs as working is not cost effective. Lyn Keeble, a mother of three, previously working in London, appeared on BBC Radio 4 and explained how she was forced to give up her part time job in London despite “loving” it. Keeble said, “To make the cost of childcare so unaffordable, I feel I was in an impossible situation really, I had no choice.”

Government Assistance

To date, the government has injected £7bn into childcare in an attempt to make it easier for parents to work. Part of their initiative is the introduction of free part-time childcare for children over three years in England, Scotland and Wales. This equates to 570 hours of free childcare for each three year old in England, yet, as parents are being forced to top up costs for full-time care, many believe it is not enough.

Failing Families

The Family and Childcare Trust believes children are losing out on early years’ education due to the fact parents stay at home with their children rather than placing them in nurseries. The Trust’s research also suggests that families remain in a state of poverty as parents simply cannot afford to return to work after having children.

Pressure on the Government

The Chief Executive of the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, Liz Bayram believes the government needs to invest more, saying, “To help more parents access affordable, high quality childcare, government needs to invest appropriately in childcare and recognise the economic benefit of supporting families to balance work and caring responsibilities.”



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