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Families assigned primary school places

primary school places

Hundreds of thousands of parents across England will today find out whether their child has been assigned primary school places at their preferred choice of school on what is known as National Offer Day.

While some parents will be relieved that their child will be attending their first choice school in September, others will face disappointment as councils struggle to accommodate the rising population.


A survey of local authorities conducted by The Press Association suggests that in some areas one in 10 children will not have been allocated a place in their favoured school. In other areas this figure rises to one in six. Early figures from the survey suggest that parents in Kirklees are most likely to be pleased with their letters today as 90.4% of children have been allocated a place in their first choice school. Meanwhile, East Sussex families will be less happy with only 84.68% of preferred options being granted.

Squeeze on Primary school places

Over half a million four- and five-year-olds are set to start school in September amidst a squeeze on places, partly due to high birth rates and in some areas immigration. “Roughly 85 per cent of parents will get their first preference,” said John Chard, principal of School Appeals, a service that advises parents fighting decisions. “But that’s no comfort for the roughly 50,000 to 60,000 that won’t.”

When will I find out?

If you applied online then you can expect to find out what school your child has been allocated to today as most local authorities are sending out emails. However, if you applied by post then you’ll have to wait another day or two as the letters are being posted out today. Parents who receive an email will also be sent a formal letter through the post. If your child hasn’t been allocated a place in your preferred school then you’ll find a form with details on how to appeal the decision alongside your placement letter.

The figures below show the proportion of children in each council area who have been offered a place at their favoured school.

East Sussex – 84.68%

Southampton – 85.4%

Kent – 85.81%

Solihull – 87%

Manchester – 87.3%

Brighton & Hove – 87.8%

Leicester – 88%

Sandwell – 88.45%

Leicestershire – 88.7%

Wigan – 88.7%

Sheffield – 89.69%

Oldham – 90%

Kirklees – 90.4%





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