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How does adoption leave work?

How does adoption leave work?

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To be entitled to adoption leave, you must be an employee, if you are self – employed, this does not count. The rule applies to prospective adopting parents and also parents who have a surrogacy agreement.

What you are entitled to

Only the main adopter can apply for adoption leave, the partner or secondary adopter can apply for paternity leave. If you qualify for adoption leave you are entitled to 52 weeks leave. If you have worked for your employer for a minimum of 26 weeks, you will be able to claim Statutory Adoption Pay. Check out the information on the gov.co.uk for more details.

Adoption Appointments

If you are the main adopter you can take paid time off for up to five adoption appointments up to a maximum of six and half hours each. If the secondary worker is also in employment, they are entitled to 2 adoption appointments, but they will be unpaid.


Employer Notice

Employers must be notified within seven days of being matched for an adoption. In the case of surrogacy it must be at least 15 weeks before the due date.

You must notify your employer of how much leave you wish to take, the start date and the date of placement. You can also inform them that you wish to claim Statutory Adoption Pay.

Working during adoption leave

Keeping in touch days are by agreement with your employer. You can only work up to the maximum of 10 days before you lose your rights to adoption leave and SAP.

Shared adoption leave

You can apply to reduce your adoption leave by applying for Shared Parental Leave. You can find more information at Acas.org.uk

Returning to work

You have to give your employer 8 weeks’ notice if you wish to return to work before your adoption leave ends. Your employer must let you return to the same job if you have taken less than 6 month’s leave, if you have taken more than the 6 months leave and return to your original job is not possible, a suitable alternative has to be offered.



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