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Alcohol And Sex Advice For Teens

Alcohol And Sex Advice For Teens

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Parents worry. It’s part of our job description and there’s no getting around it. The teenage years are some of the most worrisome and while you may trust your teen’s judgement generally, there’s no guaranteeing what kind of situation they may find themselves in if they choose to drink alcohol.

While it may be tempting to place teens under lock and key until they reach the ripe old age of 20, this (believe it or not) isn’t actually recommended. Rather, all we can do as parents is guide our kids in the right direction and make sure they have all the knowledge and information they need to make good choices.

If you are concerned about your teenager drinking and/or having sex then you may be wondering how best to broach the subject with them. As with most things, a blanket ‘because I said so’ won’t cut it here. Honesty and accurate information they can rely on will be far more powerful in influencing your teen’s actions.

Alcohol is pleasant

First up, there’s no point in trying to convince your teen that alcohol is the devil’s brew. Yes, it does have its problems when too much is consumed but drinking responsibly does give people a pleasant feeling. Otherwise, why would so many people enjoy a drink? If you regularly enjoy a glass or wine in the evening then tell your child that alcohol is bad they won’t believe you. For this reason, it’s important to be honest about why people, including you, take pleasure in drinking alcohol.

Risk factor

Alcohol And Sex Advice For TeensHowever, it’s crucial to emphasise the importance of responsible drinking. As well as the health implications, drinking alcohol can lead to making poor decisions. For many teens who have drunk too much, this can mean regrets over having sex. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and affects decision-making, resulting in people becoming less careful and doing things they wouldn’t necessarily do when sober.

Regretting sex

As alcohol affects judgement, it does mean teens who have been drinking are more likely to regret having sex. Some may not even remember it the next day. Make sure kids know that alcohol does not make sex any better, in fact it can make it worse, especially if they’re feeling a bit weird after the alcohol has kicked in. Drunken sex is much more likely to be regretted, even if it felt right at the time.

Unsafe sex

Alcohol And Sex Advice For TeensOne of the most common regrets over drunken sex is not using any form of protection. For some parents, the topic of safe sex may be an uncomfortable conversation to have with your child but it is one that’s essential. Make sure your teen knows the risk of pregnancy and STIs and encourage them to carry condoms if they feel ready to have sex. It’s also important that people understand the contraceptive pill may not work if they’ve been sick through drinking too much (or for any other reason).

Staying safe

If you believe your teen will consume alcohol, then one of the best things you can do is ensure they know how to stay safe. Encourage them to stick with their friends and stress the potential consequences of going off on their own with someone they don’t know. Make them aware of the risk of drink spiking so they don’t leave drinks unattended or accept a drink from a stranger. And of course, they should never drink and drive.

Alcohol and sex are two of the top worries that go through the head of parents when teenagers are out with their friends. You may not be able to stop it from happening but you can make sure your kids are well enough prepared to look after themselves and their friends while they’re out.



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