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Anti Ageing Tips

anti ageing tips

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Every 5 years or so I get one of those ‘Mirror Moments’. Overnight, it seems my face has become older. There are more lines, depressions and dry patches. My skin looks just a little less firm. There is sagging that wasn’t there before. And it’s not just my face either; my whole body is getting older. Of course, I know that these changes happen over time, It’s the way they creep up on you that’s annoying. I don’t have a problem with age per se. It’s just that in my head I still feel like I’m in my twenties, but my body is letting me down! So I’ve hunted out some anti-ageing tips to inspire myself – I hope they brighten your day too.

Weighty Issues

Carrying excess weight places a burden on your body that is totally within your control. It affects your posture, your energy levels and body confidence. Carrying just one dress size more than you need to can add several years to your appearance. Dropping a few pounds can work wonders for your health and for how you feel about your looks too.

Smoking is a Killer

Yes, smoking is a killer, we know that. But it also does irreparable damage to your skin cells, accelerating the ageing process. Quit the cancer-sticks now and you can arrest this deterioration. Your circulation will improve, which in turn will also make exercising easier. Non-smokers and those who have quit, are also at a lower risk of becoming obese, developing the likes of varicose veins – an age giveaway if ever there was one.

anti ageing tips

Eat a Healthy Diet

Foods rich in fibre and low in fat can actively improve the appearance of your skin. A diet heavy on fruit, veg and whole grains is bursting with antioxidants and nutrients that feed your skin, these help to promote a healthy glow. Drinking loads of water helps too. Skin needs to be hydrated to be at its best.

Avoid the sun

I’ve never been much of a sun-worshipper, but catching some rays is unavoidable in summer. And the vitamin D they contain is very necessary for your overall wellbeing. But UV rays attack your skin cells from beneath the surface, so it’s vital that your protect yourself with a decent sunscreen. That sun-worn-leathery-skin look is not a good one. Slather on the cream, invest in a decent sun hat and pair of shades, offering triple protection to the most sensitive areas of your face.

Get Active

Yep, it’s that exercise-is-good-for-you message again. Moderate aerobic and strength training each week helps to keep your body in good shape and your heart healthy. Better circulation will deliver benefits across your body, helping you to appear more fresh and toned all over. Key to the success of this is finding a sport you love. After years of failed exercise regimes that left me feeling sweaty, achy and rubbish I’ve recently discovered a love of cycling. Low impact, and good for the whole body, this form of exercise leaves me feeling invigorated, not exhausted, even after a hard ride. Keep searching until your find your exercise passion – you’ll feel so much better for it.

Sleep Well

Bags under the eyes and dark lines are a sure sign of a lack of proper, restful sleep – catching some zzzzz’s is vital for skin cell rejuvenation. Not always easy when you are working and have children to care for too, but if you’re serious about this anti-ageing battle then you need your rest. Carve out some sleep time for yourself and you’ll not only look better, but feel better to face each day as well.



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