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Apps to help you sleep

apps to help you sleep

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Sleep happy with an app!

The pressures of a modern-day hectic lifestyle can sometimes push your mind into overdrive, when all you want to do is wind down and recharge for the next busy day ahead.  Incessant worrying about work, your children, partner or money matters can all play a part in sleep deprivation, so what’s the answer? If you would prefer to be catching Zs than counting sheep, we may be able to provide the solution with our collection of modern, weird and wonderful ideas designed to get you snoozing – in a good way!

Once upon a time insomniacs would have needed to turn to wave machines or whale song in an attempt to get to sleep, but thankfully technology has moved on and there are now several effective self-help options available at the touch of a button – Apps to help you sleep!

Dream on

The smart phone is living up to its name with the introduction of apps that claim to do almost anything!  One of the most promising sleep-inducing apps is the Dream:On, which claims to help enhance and influence your dreams.  Simply choose from a selection of dream categories and place your phone next to you in bed.  The inventors of Dream:On claim that the app will sense when you have entered into a deep slumber and will then activate, guiding your dreams and leaving you rested and revitalised the following morning.  However, this app relies on sleep already being established so what can you do to reach such a state of relaxation?apps to help you sleep


Hypnosis is a fantastic method of relaxation, used to overcome everything from smoking to food cravings, and now, insomnia.  You could spend weeks and hundreds of pounds attending hypnotherapy sessions, but why bother when you can just download the relevant app straight your phone?  The Relax Completely app for the iPhone has been created using sessions and techniques devised by one of the UK’s most successful hypnotherapists, Darren Marks.  You can download a collection of 20 minute sessions delivered by Marks, which promise to lull you into many hours of blissful deep sleep.

Sleep assistants?

Several levels up from the sound and wave machines of yesteryear is the pzizz app.  Accompanied by the claim that it will be your “personal sleep assistant”, the pzizz uses more than one billion music combinations, beats and neurolinguistic programming to ease you to sleep.  This app also provides energizer and meditation settings making it the ideal accompaniment for working parents with busy schedules.

Sleep goggles

For those willing to try less orthodox methods in order to achieve a good night’s sleep, the Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep mask may be the gadget for you.  The concept behind these foam goggles is quite simple: glow-in-the-dark stripes across each eye are intended to provide a mesmeric distraction from any thoughts that may be stopping you from sleeping.  By holding the goggles up to a source of light, the stripes will be ‘charged’ and ready to use.  Combine the goggles’ hypnotic attributes with deep breathing exercises and before long you will be making your way to the land of nod. The Glo to Sleep mask acts as an aid to relaxation by blending the promotion of concentration on a sole visual focus with tried and tested breathing techniques.apps to help you sleep

Shop around

When looking for a sleeping aid app or device it pays to shop around, as there are several apps accessible for free, or for as little as 99p.  The above examples are just a taster of the technologies now available and with so many choices out there, you will be on your way to a perfect night’s sleep in next to no time.



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