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Are weekends ruining your diet

are weekends ruining your diet

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Weekends are made for enjoying life and letting go, especially after a long week at work.  However, a recent study by diet firm Forza Supplements suggests many of us are enjoying food and drink perhaps a little too much, consuming up to half our weekly calorie allowance between Friday night and Sunday evening so are weekends ruining your diet?


It will come as no surprise that alcohol plays a major factor in this.  The study showed that 85% of us drink more at the weekend than we normally would Monday to Thursday.  And with a large glass of red wine or a pint of lager each containing 170 calories it’s easy to see where many of these extra calories are coming from. However, the typical weekend blowout isn’t confined to alcohol.  Catching up with friends and family over a meal in a restaurant, takeaway dinners, a kebab on the way home from the pub and snacking while watching a film or the latest episode of X-Factor all contribute to the excesses of the weekend.

Count your units

If drink is your weekend downfall then consider alternating between alcoholic and soft drinks.  Alternatively, opt for alcohol-free beers and wines at least one night over the weekend.  Drinking spirits with diet or sugar free mixers will also help reduce calories. While we may grumble about packed lunches and supermarket sandwiches, it seems that the routine of the working week makes it easier for us to eat more healthily and consume fewer calories.  Eating a healthy breakfast (rather than a hangover curing fry-up) at the same time every day helps set us up for the day ahead, while work itself means we don’t have the time to raid the fridge for snacks between meals.  During the week evening meals are more likely to be home made and we are less likely to eat late at night. With diets often abandoned at the weekend men can take in up to 10,000 calories by Monday morning.  Women are often consuming up to 8,000 calories over the course of their time off.  But it is possible to let go a little at the weekend without having a major lapse. are weekends ruining your diet

Keep a food diary

By writing down everything you eat you will see exactly where temptation lies.  It will also give you an insight into exactly how much you are eating and whether you’re raiding the fridge because you’re genuinely hungry or just because it’s there.

Cook from scratch

Instead of having takeaway on a Friday and Saturday, pick one evening to spend preparing a meal from scratch.  Set the dining table up nicely and have something you wouldn’t normally cook to make it different from weekday menus.

Snack healthily

If the family enjoys spending a Saturday night snuggled on the couch watching television and eating snacks then consider what other munchies will appeal.  Popcorn, pitta with humous, unsalted nuts and baked crisps are all tasty alternatives to fatty crisps and biscuits. Of course you should enjoy yourself at the weekend and that often goes hand in hand with food and drink.  But completely abandoning the diet for three days will hinder your weight loss and leave you feeling down by Monday morning.  Focus on the end goal, choose the less fattening options available and you’ll feel much better about yourself throughout the week.



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