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Benefits of Reiki

benefits of reiki

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method that works to enhance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of a person.  Using naturally present energy Reiki seeks to balance body and mind.

Complementary therapy

As a complementary therapy Reiki is being used increasingly alongside traditional medicine to provide alternative healthcare.The  benefits of Reiki to some  patients are paramount to their wellbeing.  Proponents of the technique believe that the health benefits derived from Reiki reach far beyond the simple targeting of a specific ailment.

benefits of reiki

Other benefits are thought to include the following:

  • Reiki generates a sense of inner peace and harmony, and is considered to be a significant tool for those striving for spiritual growth, and the essence of calm and reduced stress that derives from that process.
  • Following a traumatic event such as the death of a loved-one, or involvement in an emotionally shocking situation like a terrorist attack, the use of Reiki healing can assist in the purging of negative emotions, helping the sufferer to remain energised and regain perspective on life.

Can help with long term illness

It has been proven that Reiki can help in the recovery from long-term illnesses and surgery.  Bring an inner calm and control to the nervous system helps to free the body from the stress related to the physical symptoms.  Working to help the body adjust to traditional medicines, the Reiki healing techniques can also help to reduce the side effects of such treatments.  There are cases where patients receiving Chemotherapy reported a decrease in the side-effects they experienced from the treatment, for example

  • In terms of physical ailments, Reiki can help to relieve pain caused by conditions such as migraine, sciatica and arthritis, and many more.  Sufferers of conditions like asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome insomnia and the symptoms of menopause are also know to benefit from the application of Reiki.
  • In triggering the body’s immune system, the use of Reiki leads directly to lower stress levels and improved relaxation.  Sleep patterns are improved as a result, delivering ongoing health benefits to the individual receiving the Reiki healing
  • In bringing calm to the body and mind, Reiki also leads to a greater mental and spiritual capacity for coping with challenging life situations.  It can help to relieve mood swings, alleviate fear and frustration, and make feelings of anger easier to control.  In enhancing your general sense of wellbeing, the positivity it delivers improves your capacity for love, and enables you to open your heart more readily to those around you.  Your relationships can improve dramatically as a result.
  • As a way of promoting mental strength and self-belief, Reiki can also be a powerful tool for those seeking to combat addictions.  The positive emotional and spiritual base that Reiki helps to create in a person provides the perfect springboard from which to address challenges that may previously have seemed impossible
  • In helping the body to maintain a balance between physical and emotional wellness, the regular use of Reiki healing can bring about a change in the overall outlook for an individual’s long-term wellbeing.  Building on the internal good derived from Reiki in addressing a specific concern, many supporters of the healing powers of Reiki continue to use and reap the benefits of the practice long after the reason for their initial consultation has been addressed.



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