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The best Potty Training tips from YOU!

the best potty training tips from you

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Whether you’re a first time parent or experienced parent of many, potty training is a challenge we all face at some point. We recently asked you for your best potty training tips and received a fantastic response. Here’s some of the best potty training tips from you!:

‘We dyed the toilet water with red or blue food colouring. When it changed colour to orange or green, he loved knowing that he had caused it!’ ~ Lee Fitzpatrick

‘Go straight to using pants or even better, buy pants with their favourite character on. We messed around with pull ups and they just confused them and let them be laid back about it all. They’ll get the hang of it when they feel how uncomfortable being wet is’ ~ Clare Marsden Eastburn, Cristina McDowall, Frances Jacobs, Laura Roberts, Naz Shepherd, Beverley Davies, Theresa Scarththe best potty training tips from you

‘Make sure they’re aware of the potty and what its for, before you start. Lots of reading about potties as well as talking about wee’s and poo’s. ‘I want my potty’ (Little Princess) by Tony Ross is one great book!’ ~ Tracy K Nixon

‘Use the reward method – treats or charts so they get a prize every time they let you know they needs the potty / toilet’ ~ Monika Suchonska, Anita Lynch, Catherine Finlay, Tracey Hill, Louisa Hopkins, Laura Olivia Tonks

‘Show them to go on the toilet yourself. It shows it’s nothing to be scared of’ ~ Emma Thompson

‘Leave the potty where it can be seen and buy a dolls potty and play a game, pretending the dolls are using it’ ~ Joy Dehany, Dawn Gurneu

‘My little man loves Chuggington and everytime he used his potty, he could put a Chuggington sticker on it. We also used a car seat cover on the buggy to protect it from getting ruined. Don’t tell them off, however frustrating it can get, it only sets them back’ ~ Mikayla Butler

‘My son was displaying all the signs he was ready for potty training, but didn’t like his potty. So we took a trip out and let him choose his own. He was happy and dry within days’ ~ Bryan Clark

‘Take it as it comes, praise the good, ignore the bad and just state that next time they should do it in the potty or toilet’ ~ Kaye Nolan, Rachel Wortly, Claire Thomson Little

‘If your child is tall / has long legs, don’t use a potty as it can be uncomfortable for them. Go straight to using the toilet.’ Tricia Clark

‘Get a travel potty or spare ones for trips or to have both upstairs and downstairs. It’s also good to have one a grandparents homes.’ ~ Ailsa McConnell, Claire Cresswell Lane

‘Ensure they have time to just sit on the potty; the potty book will encourage them and also practice with a teddy or dolly going on the potty too ‘ ~ Vicki Cartwright

‘Try and have a good few days in the house or book off some time from work if needed, so your child gets used to it.’ ~¬†Laura Jayne Bates, Debbie Evansthe best potty training tips from you

‘I paid silly money for a potty which sung songs and made noises, but it was just one big distraction. I then bought a Poundland potty and it did the job great! We could also take it out and about with us’ ~ Vicky Varley

‘We made up a potty song so little one was happy to sit there longer’ ~ Lou Gage

‘Practice, patience and praise. Every child is different, some take a few days, some weeks or months, so have plenty of spare clothes and remember practice makes perfect.’ ~ Marie Salisbury

‘We did book time where we spent an hour sitting on the potty reading a book and 9/10 there was a wee waiting in there for me. I have twins!’ ~ Kim Plant

‘We had a musical one that played a tune when they wee’d. My kids loved to use it’ ~ Sandy Ralph, Lindsey Clark

‘Put a toilet roll ball at the bottom of the toilet for boys so they can aim at it!’ ~ Kirsty Rogers

‘I introduced the potty to the corner of our little ones rooms months before we started training. Seeing it everyday, teaching her the name potty and explaining wee wee goes in there so it won’t be a new thing for her to learn. She’s comfortable around it and sits on it and when asked where wee wee goes, she gets on her potty.’ ~ Stacy Taylor

And the best advice of all…

‘Wait until they are ready and go at their pace – every child is different!’ ~ Abigail Harvey, Angela Burgess, Emma Taylor, Natalie Crossan, Sarah S Crick, Jessica Newman, Caz Chourliaras, Laura Roberts, Rosalind Blight, Amy Tidd



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