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Boys Ballet


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Do I have the next Billy Elliot?

For dads,  it’s probably not the conversation you want to be having but in a modern world where gender stereotypes are becoming less of a problem, your son may well be inspired by the sudden flurry of dance groups and shows and decide he wants to learn to move like Jagger… well not like Jagger but you know what I mean. Boys ballet is a great way for him to express his creativity and movement with the added bonus of fitness!

Health and fitness

The fact of the matter is that ballet is a fantastic way for your son to stay fit and keep healthy with the constant physical demands helping to maintain a more positive outlook on keeping strong and having a diet that suits that lifestyle. Also, any dancer will tell you that in order to succeed you will need to learn self control, discipline and balance, all of which is fantastic for a developing child. It will help them with many other aspects of life in the future where they need the self control and clarity of mind to keep level headed.

Encourage his flare

boys balletIf your son has rhythm and finds it easy to move to music then why not encourage this new found love, does it really matter what he’ll be wearing or what the potential stigma may be? I hope not as there are probably a lot of very talented young men in the world who are not out there enjoying Ballet, Dance or Gymnastics because of the out dated views their parents have about the acceptability of boys engaging in such activities. There are plenty of classes around where your son can try out ballet and make sure it really is what they want to do, talk to him about it, make sure he knows it’s going to be hard and make sure he’s willing to put in the effort.

As a parent you should look to nurture any interest in physical outlets, whatever it may be as there are nothing but benefits in the long run, especially if they turn out to be really good and make a career out of it. Getting to dance with beautiful women and be in all the best shows, what dad wouldn’t want that for their son? In this modern world of Xbox education we should not be discouraging an activity that introduces our children to a new set of skills and helps them develop both physically and mentally purely because of prejudice.

Be proud of their enthusiasm

Dance has become very prevalent in recent years with the success of dance groups such as ‘Diversity’ in TV shows such a Britain’s got Talent and now new TV shows that focus purely on dance skills, it’s common for children to idolise anyone who is really successful in their chosen field so when they decide they want to give it a go then put the effort in to finding them a great school with the best teachers and get them all the gear they need, watch all of their shows and see your little angel develop into something amazing, you will be glad you managed to see past your own negativity.

When your son is prancing gracefully across the boards to rapturous applause from adoring fans you will see that in the end it is always better to let your kids go with their heart instead of doing what you think is socially acceptable.



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About Steven Petter

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