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Capturing Memories And Milestones

Capturing Memories And Milestones

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Watching children reach milestones can be really special, understandably, most parents love to capture them and keep a permanent record of the memories. However, you don’t want to spend your kids’ whole childhoods looking at them through a viewfinder. You want to be out there creating memories with them. So what is the best way to capture these special occasions without being free to enjoy them in the moment?


These days almost everyone has a decent camera to hand at all times. This means it’s easy to grab your phone and take a few quick snaps, no matter where you are. It also means that if you’re with family and friends, you’re probably not the only person taking photos. After events ask people to share their snaps with you and forward yours in return. Make sure the camera app on your phone is on the home screen so you can turn it on quickly and easily and, perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to print the photos out to keep.

Cameras and videos

If you’re into photography and strive to get the best results then you may wish to invest in a better quality camera. Do your research and choose one that has all the features you need. The same goes for video cameras – again smartphones are great for in the moment but you’ll get better results and be able to film for longer on a designated video camera. Whatever type of camera you’re using, practise using it so that you can start snapping quickly and don’t miss anything.

Storing memories

One thing about parenting is that you inevitably spend most evenings at home when the kids are already asleep. This (in theory at least!) gives you plenty of time to sort your photos and organise them in a way that you can look back on them easily without them getting ruined.

Capturing Memories And Milestones


Whether you prefer a printed photo book or a more traditional album, flicking through photos of your kids will always bring a smile to your face. Make sure you caption photos with the date and place they were taken so that when your kids look through them in the future they’ll know exactly when and where they were taken.


For those who enjoy crafting and creating something truly unique, scrapbooks can be a great way to preserve memories. They do take a bit more time and effort than photo albums but you can include more into them and make them really personal. You can add comments, descriptions and your own thoughts on photos to jog your memory in the future and give your children an insight into their childhood when they grow up.

Digital files

Most of us now have masses of digital photos that we don’t want to lose. Your computer should be able to handle storage but you may also want to back up files on an external hard drive in case there’s a problem with the computer. Another option is to store photos on a cloud. This means they will be accessible from all your devices and won’t be lost if your PC is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Keepsake boxes

Not all special moments can be captured on a flat surface like photos. Keepsake boxes are great for things like the first curl to be shorn at your child’s first haircut, christening outfits or even a glued collage brought home from nursery. There are loads of special baby keepsake boxes to choose from or, if you’d rather have something bigger, you could just use a fancy box that you like. Alternatively, you could make your own – get your children to help decorate it and it will become even more special. For kids childhood seems to last forever but us parents usually feel like it flies in. Keeping photos, videos and keepsakes from your children’s younger years is something that you’ll never regret, but if you don’t manage to get those first steps on film don’t worry – it’s a moment you’ll never forget anyway.



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