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Cheap ways to chill

cheap ways to chill

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Chilling doesn’t have to cost a fortune

The world today is a stressful place – especially when you are trying to earn a living and bring up children. Unless you’re lucky enough to have inherited a fortune from a wealthy relative, you will probably spend most of your week earning money and the rest of it watching it disappear whilst worrying about where it went.Nevertheless there are plenty of cheap ways to chill and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do these things.

It can be difficult to find time in amongst all that work and worry to relieve the stress that builds up in even the most harmonious family, and even more difficult to justify spending that precious cash on doing so – but don’t panic: You can de-stress very effectively without breaking the bank. Why not try some of these low-cost and low-commitment stress-busting tips, and revitalise your mind, body and spirit without breaking the bank?

Avoid the crush at the supermarket checkouts

Doing your shopping online and having it delivered to your door means that not only can you can browse the shelves whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea, but you can also check your expenditure and avoid any nasty surprises when you reach the checkout.

Take massage lessons

A trip to the spa can be a really lovely treat for a busy parent, but good massages don’t come cheap. Rather than paying out for your pampering, why not learn massage with your partner? You can enjoy all the benefits in the comfort of your own home for free, whilst taking part in a mutually-beneficial learning experience with your significant other.

Get some gentle exercise

Exercise is a natural stress reliever, triggering all manner sorts of pleasurable endorphins in your body – but is that gym membership really worth it? Most of us go once and then spend the rest of the year finding excuses not to go – which isn’t unreasonable you are juggling work and bringing up children. It may be time to try something a little less structured: Turn up the radio and dance around the kitchen with your kids. Go to the park and play football as a family. If you have younger children, climb on the frames with them at the park; your children will have an amazing amount of fun and you will get some free exercise at the same time.

If you enjoy exercise classes, try buying a yoga DVD to do at home rather than paying out for taught classes. You could even get the whole family involved and see who can do the best ‘downward facing dog’. If nothing else, it may be fun to watch.

cheap ways to chill


You may think that a morning cup of coffee is essential if you are going to spend all day dealing with toddlers, teenagers, or particularly difficult work colleagues. However, filling your body with toxins such as sugar and caffeine is fuelling your stress levels as much as your energy. Toxins like this are stimulants and highly addictive ones that lead to short term highs (which feel great) followed by significant lows (which don’t).

Sugar also stops your body from processing your food effectively, meaning that you burn sugar and store fat, potentially leading to weight gain. Rapid energy highs and lows, along with weight gain all add to your stress level rather than lowering it. Try decaffeinated coffee and snacks with reduced sugar to get you through the day instead.

Do some list-busting

When you have a list of things to do that seems to grow faster than your kids grow out of clothes, deal with the little things that can be easily crossed off first. Not only will you find it easier to see the real issues more clearly but also there is nothing quite like crossing things off a list to help you see the progress you have made.

Have some ‘me’ time

Set aside some time when you can do the things that you find relaxing or enjoyable. Take a bath. Have a nap. Go for a walk alone or read a chapter of your favourite book. This is really hard for many parents to do because they don’t think they can justify spending time like this. However, the truth is that you will be a much better parent if you’ve taken time to look after yourself.

cheap ways to chill


Even the most stressful day can feel much better if you can find something to smile about. Watch a comedy film or read a cartoon strip. If you can’t find anything to laugh at, just smile at your children or your partner. The act of smiling itself makes your body release endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood so smile: It’s free!




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