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Coping with depression on a daily basis

Coping with depression on a daily basis

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People suffering from depression often struggle to complete even simple everyday tasks. Getting through a day at work can be an achievement in itself, never mind coming home to play with the kids, help them with homework and get the house sorted. If you’re finding life difficult to cope with due to depression then we have some tips that might help you get through the day.

Stay active

First up is the one that very few people with depression want to hear. All you can face doing is curling up on the sofa and everyone is telling you to go for a swim, jog or gym session. But bear with us, regular exercise has many benefits for mental health and so, if you can face it, it can help energise you. Exercise also releases feel-good chemicals into the brain that can improve mood. Try arranging to attend a gym class with a friend – you’ll be less likely to bail out if your friend is relying on you to be there.

Stick to a routine

Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day (even at weekends) helps the body get into a good sleeping pattern, which will help you cope. A good routine also encourages you to eat at the right times – something that may have been missing before.

Take things one day at a time

Thinking of all that you have to do in the next week, month or year can be overwhelming, so it’s best to take things one step at a time. Treat each day as one unit and aim to get through that before taking on the next day’s challenges. It may sound like a cliché but by splitting your life into bite-sized chunks you’ll be more able to manage.

Reach out to others

Coping with depression on a daily basisHaving a strong support network is a godsend. Be open about depression with your partner, friends, family and even colleagues. Unlike with a broken leg, other people can’t necessarily where a person with depression is struggling. Therefore, they can’t offer you the right help unless you tell them what you need. Having someone who you can be completely honest with will let you release some of your depression and help you understand your feelings.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Depression is an illness and, just like any other, it hasn’t been caused by something you did or didn’t do. Some people blame themselves for their condition but that doesn’t help matters and can even make things worse.

See a light at the end of the tunnel

If you are seeking help for depression then focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Through receiving the appropriate treatment, you will come out the other side. Remember that this illness is temporary and that medication and/or therapy can help keep it at bay.

Get help

If you have been feeling depressed for a couple of weeks or more then you should see your GP. There are various treatments available for depression, including medication, self-help and talking therapy, so you don’t have to suffer indefinitely. If you feel suicidal or feel like your life is not worth living and you can’t cope then get help straight away.



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