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Creating quality time with the kids

creating quality time with the kids

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Between work, household chores and general everyday life, the opportunity to spend quality time with the kids is often difficult to come by. And if you have more than one child, giving each of them some one to one attention can seem like an impossible task.

However, it is worthwhile as you’ll become closer and have the chance to give your children (and yourself) some precious memories of the good times you can have together. Here’s our guide to factoring quality time into an already hectic family schedule.

Family trips

Spending the day together is a great way to connect with each other. Make sure you plan something fun that the whole family will enjoy. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip to a theme park; a day out exploring the city or a long bike ride is something everyone can get involved in. If you can afford it then a family holiday affords you all plenty of time and space away from everyday life to relax together.

Get involved in their hobbies

Whether it’s a football team, dance troop or the Scouts, getting involved in your children’s hobbies and interests and allows you to spend extra time with them. Signing up as a coach or volunteering to be on the committee will show your kids that you care and that you are interested in the things they enjoy.

creating quality time with the kids

Play with them

After a hard day at work, getting down on the floor to play Twister or pretending to be a superhero may, understandably, be the last thing you feel like doing. But make the most of the time you have at home together to join in. Play video games, kick a ball around or get a board game out. You never know, it might actually be fun!

Ditch the housework

Will your children grow up to remember the tidy house they lived in or the way they felt loved and secure there? If you have a choice between loading the washing machine or curling up on the couch with your offspring then, unless you’re down to your last pair of clean undies, opt for the cuddles every time. Housework can wait.

Bedtime routines

Sometimes real life gets in the way and it’s a real struggle to spend any proper time together. Establishing a bedtime routine means you know that you’ll always have the chance to spend half an hour or so together at the end of each day. Whether you use that time to share books and stories or to chat is up to you, the important thing is that your children will fall asleep knowing that you’re there for them.

In short, as long as you spend time with your children, it doesn’t really matter what you do together. Of course, it’s always nice to set some time aside for a ‘date’ but if some weeks are particularly busy and you just can’t manage it then don’t feel bad. Any time spent with your children is quality time so make the most of the school run, mealtimes and any other chance you get to chat with them.



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