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Crystal healing


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There’s something magical about crystals. These beautiful, natural geological creations grow in a dazzling array of colours that just demand to be held. Their complex geometric configurations reflect and refract light in the most sublime ways, giving crystals a mystical quality that is enchanting. The idea of using crystals to heal the mind and body has been around for millennia.

So what is Crystal Healing?

It is a form of spiritual, energy-centric treatment that involves placing crystals on key points around the body. Practitioners believe that crystals can promote the balancing of energy within the body, and induce relaxation. Crystal healing can be used to treat stress and pain. Placement of the crystals is sometimes related to acupuncture points, and energy vortexes within the body known as chakras. There are seven chakras that run from the base of the spine into the skull through the centre of the body, which can be thought of as tiny spheres from which energy emanates in all directions. The person being treated usually remains clothed, and a treatment session will generally last around an hour.

How does it Work?

It has long been known that crystals have the ability to hold and release energy vibrations – this physical phenomenon is used in watches, where the battery emits a charge through a tiny crystal, which absorbs it, and then sends the energy back out at a rate that is precise enough to ensure the watch keeps time perfectly. Our bodies emit various electro-magnetic fields, known collectively as our aura. The energy absorption and release capabilities of crystals can be used to change and manipulate these invisible energies in a positive way.

It is believed that the body has a natural energy rhythm, with which many things can interfere – stress, illness, and emotional issues to name but a few. Placing crystals over the site of one of the chakras links the energy fields within our bodies with our physical body, and our with our emotional energies. This is why wearing a crystal necklace that places a stone close to one of the chakras can have an effect on your mood – different crystals have different healing associations. Amethyst is associated with calm, citrine is thought to be uplifting, and rose quartz is used to ease the pain of a broken heart.

Effects of Crystal Healing

benefits of reikiPractitioners of crystal healing are well-versed in the therapeutic effects of each type of crystal. They will select the appropriate size, colour, shape and type of stone according to the patients’ needs. Different configurations for the layout of the crystals on the body can be used to direct the energies in the most effective way. For example, a headache pain may indicate an internal energy blockage, or over-active energy in the brain. By placing a selection of amethyst crystals in a certain configuration around the head for a period of time, the energy causing that pain can be redirected and channelled away, easing the discomfort.

Does it Really Work?

A good test of these types of complementary therapies is to use a subject who comes with no preconceptions, and little understanding of the process – a small child, animal or plant are all suitable subjects in this instance. Experimenting with the placing of crystals on a subject who will give a totally honest and unprejudiced reaction to the success of the treatment is a great way to see if it really works. Non-scientific tests of this kind have suggested that the crystal healing process is in fact very effective. Perhaps the best approach for us mere mortals is to keep an open mind. If it works, then don’t knock it.



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