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Dads guide to labour

dads and labour

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Have you seen The Exorcist? No I’m joking it’s not that bad really, mother nature has seen fit to bless me with three wonderful children and I was there from start to finish at each birth, each one was different, for example my lazy daughter had to be sucked out with a Hoover! I have no shame in saying I was scared every time, and every single time I was handed a beautiful baby with no complications to mother or child, so don’t be afraid to be scared, fear reminds us we’re human.Here is a dads guide to labour.

Early labour

Early labour is the hardest, knowing exactly when to phone the hospital and when to just relax. Once your partner starts contractions she will be in a lot of pain but she may well be in the early stages when there is no point going to hospital, so running them a warm bath, giving them a hot drink and some pain killers can help. If your partners waters break or she is having strong contractions at regular intervals then phone the hospital and tell them what’s going on, there will be a direct dial number on the pack that holds all the information about the pregnancy. They will tell you if you need to bring her in and if they say yes then pack her up in the car and very carefully head over to the hospital.

Once in hospital the midwives and nurses will make your partner comfortable and start to talk to her about pain relief, they will also show you where the gas and air supply is, you’ll be tempted to have a blast, I wouldn’t recommend it as it makes you slightly light headed. They will exam your partner to see how dilated she is and monitor her at regular intervals, your job at this point is to hold her little hand and get her water when she needs it. You’ll probably get left alone while the contractions get closer and longer, there may be a time when you have to call for help as contractions can sometimes jump in their intensity, so make sure you know here the main desk is.

Morale support

When baby decides it’s time then they will usually put your partner in stirrups and being the process of pushing when she feels a contraction, this is very uncomfortable for mum so make sure you keep reminding her to breathe, give her the pipe to suck on and hold her hand.dads and labour Give her reassurance, tell her she’s doing great and make sure you help her to breathe, if she doesn’t breathe, she’ll get tired and she won’t be able to push. Pretty soon baby will come out, you can cut the cord and finally get a good look at your future. The experience of child birth is unique for both parents and should be cherished, unfortunately Hollywood has done a great deal to make labour out to be a lot of screaming and yelling with all sorts of profanities and negativity, but as you’ll find out it isn’t usually like this… usually.



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