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Date night with your partner

date night with your partner

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Making the time

With the demands of work and children often taking priority it can be hard to find time for your relationship.  Spending quality time alone together is key to keeping your partnership alive and well.  It is vital you nurture it and give it the attention it deserves.Having a date night with your partner is fun and will give you both something to plan and enjoy together.

Actively orchestrating some adult-time can often be the only way to make sure it happens.  This approach may be a far cry from the carefree, spontaneous romantic days of your early time together, but needs must.  Your relationship will not take care of itself.

Weekly date night

Setting up a weekly date-night is a good way to set aside some regular, precious time for yourselves.  Resist the temptation to use the time to flop, and chill out with your partner instead.  Working out how to spend your date-night can be part of the fun, and playing with ideas during the week will help the anticipation build so when date-night arrives you are really looking forward to it, and have the energy to enjoy it.

Your options for what to do may be dictated by whether you are able to afford and find a reliable babysitter.  Whatever you decide, the time you spend together needs to be fun and relaxing.  Think about the things you used to do pre-children that defined who you were as a couple, simple things that made you smile.

This isn’t necessarily about getting physical – you can if you want, but be aware that this may pile on the pressure too, and that’s not the idea.  Try to focus on the straightforward intimacy of enjoying each other’s company without interruption.  You may find that other more energetic activities follow naturally anyway.

Date-night can still work even if you can’t go out.   Here are some ideas for things to do at home, or away:

At Home …

  • Listen to music you both enjoy, and sing or dance together
  • Give each other a massage
  • Take a bath together
  • Play cards or a board game together
  • Do a leisurely striptease for each other with a no-touch policy
  • Cook and eat a meal together
  • Take turns being a genie for each other, granting wishes and fantasy’s as you go
  • Spring clean together and make love in the last room as a reward

date night with partner

Outside …

  • Go somewhere crowded to people watch
  • Take a picnic together
  • Exercise together – cycling, running, swimming, rollerblading, whatever takes your fancy
  • Lie on a blanket and watch the stars together
  • Go to a free outdoor event
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Make a campfire and have a BBQ and roasted marshmallows
  • Take a walk, holding hands and talking

These simple and inexpensive ideas could save your relationship.  More than 50% of marriages end in divorce, and often the reason is that partners have simply lost sight of each other in the rush of life.  Boredom, resentment and distance can all too easily creep in.  Banish these demons with a game-plan that preserves some time for the two of you.  Make it regular, and above all enjoy it!



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