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Dealing With Troublesome Neighbours

Dealing With Troublesome Neighbours

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They say you can pick your friends but you can’t choose your family. The same goes for neighbours. Even if you move into a new home with the most amazing people living next to you, you never know when they’re going to up and leave and you have no control over who’s going to move in next.

Thankfully most people do consider the impact their actions have on those around them and turn out to be decent, if not amazing neighbours. However, there are some who, intentionally or not, do make their neighbours lives a misery. If you’re struggling to put up with the people living around you then there are some things you can do to make life a little more bearable.

Talk to them

Some people genuinely don’t realise that they are being annoying to say the least. If you’re disturbed by loud televisions or music or even rowdy weekends, then it’s possible that your neighbours may not be aware that you can hear them. For this reason, the best first course of action is to speak to them. You don’t need to go round specifically to complain, just mention it to them the next time you see each other. They may be mortified and keep the noise down in future. Try to stay calm and reasonable and you’ll be more likely to resolve the issue without any bad feeling. After all, you have to live beside each other and that will be easier if you can remain on civil terms.

Getting other people involved

Dealing With Troublesome NeighboursIf that doesn’t work or the problem is so severe that you feel intimidated or frightened to talk to your neighbours about it then there are organisations you can contact for help and support. If your neighbour occupies a local authority property then you can detail your issues to the relevant department at the council. Alternatively you can complain to their private landlord. Most areas run a Neighbour Conciliation and Mediation scheme that can help you reach a favourable resolution. If you are frightened, believe that the law is being broken or someone is in immediate danger then you shouldn’t have any qualms about calling the police.

Keep a diary

Your case will carry more weight and be dealt with quicker if you keep a diary of incidents. Make a note of everything that happens including dates and times. This can act as evidence when other organisations become involved.

Who to contact

The organisation you contact about troublesome neighbours will largely depend on the type of nuisance behaviour you’ve been putting up with. Most will be dealt with by your local council but you’ll need to get in touch with different departments for different types of anti-social behaviour. However, many common neighbour disputes including noise nuisance and littering are the responsibility of the Environmental Health Office. Your local authority website should provide you with the details of how to get in touch to make a complaint.

Troublesome neighbours can make people’s lives a misery in many ways but you really don’t need to put up with it. As long as you follow the correct procedures and have evidence of disturbances the problem should eventually be resolved in one way or another.





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