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Diabetes and pregnancy

diabetes and pregnancy

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Expectant mothers who have diabetes prior to becoming pregnant have special health concerns as well as all the new changes, plus there will be the added pressure to their bodies whilst being pregnant and having to manage their blood sugar levels.

Preparing for diabetes and pregnancy– It is very important to make an appointment with your GP and discuss everything with them before you fall pregnant to maximise your chances of having a happy and healthy pregnancy.  You should be aiming for HbA1c of 6.1% or less before you even consider trying for a baby, if you are having problems with stabilising your blood sugar levels then you should ask your GP or diabetes nurse for some help. Your doctor will be able to test your levels or you can buy a reading device from most health stores.

Other tests that can be carried out:

(1)    Kidney  function test to see if you have kidney complications

(2)    Cholesterol

(3)    Eye exam to screen for retinopathy

It is vital you talk to your GP about other medicines that you are taking in case they harm your baby.  When planning to have a baby it is important that pregnant women take 5mcg of folic acid a day, this reduces the chances of having a child with NTD (such as Spina Bifida). Good control of your blood sugar levels before and during your pregnancy lessens the risk of complications. Good control means keeping the ideal glucose levels, eating healthily and exercising.

diabetes and pregnancy

It’s vital to take folic acid before becoming pregnant, this is because the majority of complications happen in the first 4 weeks and some women don’t even know they are pregnant during this time. High blood sugar levels could cause miscarriage so it really is best to discuss all concerns with your GP before planning a baby, or if you have fallen pregnant.



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