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Disrespectful teens


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Are you living with someone who seems to ignore you, refuses to listen to your point of view and frequently causes arguments? Welcome to the world of living with a teenager. Not all young people are difficult to live with, but when your loving child turns into a disrespectful teen, what can you do? How do you handle each infuriating situation without completely blowing your top? Take a look at our tips on disrespectful teens which will hopefully make life a whole lot easier.

Remember what is was like to be a Teenager

Adults may automatically expect respect from their children, whereas your child may not even know what this entails. Their grunts or one word answers may seem a perfectly acceptable way to communicate to them, and if you don’t explain what respect means to you, your child will probably continue to act in a way you find unacceptable. Hormones run riot as a teenager grows, which can explain why they are so quick to act out or be verbally aggressive. Take a step back and try to see things from their point of view – after all we were all teenagers once!

Choose Your Battles Carefully

You will soon become exhausted if you react to every minor incident of huffing and puffing from your teenager. Allow them some leeway with the way they express of themselves, but do not let them shout, swear or become aggressive. Establish what you consider to be unacceptable behaviour and tell your teenager in no uncertain terms that these actions or outbursts will be greeted with suitable punishments.

Give Reasonable Punishments

disrespectful teensSet boundaries and let your child know exactly what will happen if their bad behaviour continues. Remember to keep the punishments realistic and do not threaten things you will not carry out. It can be easy to say things in the heat of the moment, such as “If you do that/say that again, you will be grounded for a month”. Will you really stop your child from leaving the house for anything but school for an entire month? Realistic punishments teach children that, yes, there are consequences for your actions, but also that punishments end, giving them the opportunity to reflect and apologise.

Teach Other Methods of Communication

Knowing how to express yourself is an important life skill which your child will need to use as they enter into adulthood, and throughout their life. Therefore give them that skill now by showing them that aggressive behaviour or angry words are not acceptable. Tell them what words are acceptable to use and make them aware that expletives and aggressive behaviour will not be accepted. One way to show teenagers acceptable behaviour is through role play, with you playing the child and with your teenager as the parent.

Be Positive

If you only ever respond to bad behaviour, your child will realise that negative actions result in the most attention. This is one of the reasons it is imperative you give praise where it is due and to encourage positive behaviour. Show an interest in their school work or sporting activities and congratulate them on good grades or results. Likewise, if at home they are tidy, courteous and helpful, let them know that you have noticed this and they will be more likely to continue this good behaviour in the future. Also, if they do take on your views, after being disciplined for negative behaviour, convey how pleased you are at the turn-around in their behaviour and verbalise how fantastic that makes you feel. Although it may be difficult at first, when your teenager is disrespectful, see each time as an opportunity to teach them about positive communication.



















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