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DIY: Getting the kids involved

DIY father and son

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With a full-time job all week and busy weekends ferrying kids between activities, it’s hard enough for working parents to complete DIY household maintenance tasks – yet alone make space for quality time with the children. So what do you do when the house needs painting and the wallpaper needs changing? Take time off and do it while they’re at school? Send them to your mother’s for the weekend? Some parents even resort to doing these jobs at night, yet there is in fact an opportunity here to kill two birds with one screwdriver:

Instead of carrying out your DIY jobs alone, why not recruit your offspring to help out mum or dad? Instead of letting them play video games or watch hours of low-grade television, you can show them the importance of working hard and doing a job right at the same time.

Pass the torch

That dripping tap that’s been annoying everyone for weeks can easily double up as a first lesson in household plumbing. Getting them to hold the torch for you, or pass you the tools you need is enough to make it fun and educational at the same time and they will benefit from both being with you and a sense of satisfaction that they helped you fix something.

Get the paint brushes out

It doesn’t just stop at plumbing either: If you’re painting their bedroom, they can choose the paint they want at the DIY store and then carry the brushes to the till for you. Once you’re back home, get them into a set of old clothes and they can paint pretty pictures on the wall to their hearts’ content whilst you do the tricky bits around the edge. Once that’s completed, you then get to watch the pictures disappear as you paint over them for real.

Cleaning the car

Alternatively how about cleaning the car? It’s a job that most despise, so get the kids a little bucket and a sponge of their own and let them loose on the wheels. Taking the worst of the dirt off won’t be hard and their efforts will be highly visible – which will make them feel that they really played an important role.

Kids washing car

Just get them involved

The more you spend time thinking about it the more you’ll realise how many ways you can get your children involved when it comes to doing simple jobs around the house. From basic, risk-free jobs to bringing you tea, you’ll be operating as a real unit to get something worthwhile done – and they’ll learn the value of maintaining the home, all of which can only be great for their development and your relationship with them. So next time there’s something that needs fixing, remember to get the kids involved and you’ll sleep well as night knowing you’ve been a great parent as well as a great partner….



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