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Eliminate the negative and bring on the positive


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How to surround yourself with positive people

Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, there are always going to be people who bring negativity with them. This can have an impact on how you think and act, resulting in a lack of positivity in your outlook. In order to stop this happening, you need to eliminate the negative and bring on the positive.

Realise the impact

Sometimes we don’t actually notice the detrimental affect these negative people are having on our lives until it’s too late. Everyone we come into contact with has some influence on our lives; this could be to help us achieve our goals, deter us or stop us altogether. You need to recognize this cycle of events and limit the people you allow in to your life and spend time with. Evaluate those already in your circles and see who brings positivity with them, as well as those who are too set in their negative attitude.

Eliminate negative associations

negative to positiveThe first step in the process of surrounding yourself with more positivity is to remove any of the negative people from your personal and professional circles. No one is saying that this is going to be an easy thing to achieve, especially if you’ve known them for a long time. However, it is the best way of achieving your ultimate goal. The longer you spend with these people the more of a negative and damaging effect they will have on your life. Simply limiting the amount of time you spend with them won’t have the desired effect, as just a short period can have a large influence on your attitude and productivity.

Gaining positivity

Once you’ve decided who you need to eliminate from your life, you need to then look at building up the number of positive people you surround yourself with. Each one of these will have a greater impact on your attitude and will influence you in a wide range of ways.

Look at yourself

In order to attract more positivity you firstly need to examine your own outlook on life and how you behave. For example, do you tend to be more negative than positive generally? If you have a more positive view then you will start to draw in others who share the same outlook. Positive people tend to attract similar individuals, so the way of gaining more of these friends is to act more positively yourself.

Seek out positivity

When you’ve established a more positive attitude for yourself, you need to intentionally look for those with a similar view of life. These types of people see ways round issues rather than admitting defeat. Those who tend to fall at the first hurdle are far harder to work with and motivate. They will focus too much on the negative angles and, as a result, won’t achieve as much from their lives.

If you feel that your life has too much negativity in it, it could be because of the people you associate with. In order to rectify this you need to have a ruthless attitude: remove all the negativity and instead focus on attracting a more positive circle of friends and acquaintances.





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