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Emotions and the nervous system

Emotions and the nervous system

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Whilst we cannot see our emotions, more and more of us are realizing the more informed we are about our feelings, the more centered and balanced our lives can be. Emotions have as much to do with the body as they do with the brain, and now that the mainstream has accepted that our minds, bodies and emotions are intrinsically linked it is a lot easier to take control of our experience and work with, rather than against, our feelings.

Nerve network

The nervous system is a complex network of nerves and cells that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to various parts of the body, in other words it is your bodies primary communication network. There are parts of the nervous system that we have control over and parts that we don’t, the part called the autonomic nervous system which is where emotions are registered, is a part that we do not have conscious control over.

Emotions and the nervous system

Conscious control

Not having conscious control over something is not the same as having no control over something.  It simply means that we have to find ways of tapping into our subconscious.  Ways that we can do this include meditation, visualisation, hypnotherapy and other types of therapeutic enquiry that help us to identify and bring subconscious beliefs into our consciousness.

Choosing to stay unaware of our unconscious is the same as choosing to let ourselves be blindly run by our emotions. Different types of emotions send different messages through our nervous systems and into our hearts, brains and bodies. Most people know what it feels like to experience streams of intense emotions like fear or frustration passing through their physiological systems. Left unchecked, these intense feelings can overtax our nervous system and cause a big internal jam of fight and flight impulses. In the long run, this build up can be extremely detrimental to our physical, emotional and mental health for both ourselves and those around us.

Take control

Learning to work with your unconscious is a big step in taking responsibility for yourself and your reactions. Letting go of ideas that someone else can do it for you, that someone else is to blame for how you feel are mature and essential ways of growing up emotionally. There are lots of therapeutic resources online that can support you to learn to delve deeper into yourself and come to understand and change your own personal triggers for the emotions that go around your nervous system.






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About Jenny Smith

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