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Exercise during pregnancy

exercise in pregnancy

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Exercise during pregnancy.

To help you feel healthy and at your best it is vital to maintain regular exercise throughout your pregnancy, not only does it make you feel better but it can improve your posture and alleviate discomfort like back pain. Evidence shows that exercise during pregnancy may help prevent gestational diabetes (diabetes attributed directly to pregnancy).

If you exercised prior to becoming pregnant then you will need to cut down a little bit more than your probably used to, low impact exercise such as aerobics is ideal to stay fit. If you haven’t exercised prior to falling pregnant then it is advisable to speak to your GP about starting a healthy exercise regime, 30 minutes a day is recommended.

exercise and pregnancy

Who shouldn’t exercise whilst pregnant?

If you have asthma or heart disease you may not be able to exercise and it may be harmful if you have experienced miscarriages, premature births, weak cervix or spotting (bleeding). It’s vital to speak to your GP prior to exercising.

What is a safe form of exercising?

Most exercise is good as long as you don’t over do it.Swimming,walking and low impact aerobics and carry little risk and is good for you and your baby.

Is there any form of exercise to avoid?

Certain activities are harmful to your baby such as holding your breath, volleyball (ball sports), horse riding (falling from a height), scuba diving, extensive jumping and full sit ups plus exercise movements that require you to lay on your back after 16 weeks of your pregnancy.




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