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Father Daughter Activities

Father daughter activites

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Stuck for father daughter activities to do? If you fathers out there are anything like me, you would have had your fair share of getting nagged into playing princesses, fairies and a whole bunch of other games that you have not got the first clue about. I’m forever trying to feign enthusiasm for my daughter’s sake, and I usually get told that I don’t understand the game, or better still that “I’m not very good at being a fairy.” I felt guilty for not getting excited about playing ‘mums and dads’ and I drew the line at participating in ballet practice. As my ‘little princess’ was growing up I realized I needed to find some activities that we could enjoy together, so I made a list of all the things we could do, and these are the ones that have worked out great for me.


Father daughter activites

Story time can be whatever you want it to be; sure you can keep it simple and just sit down together and read a book, but if you’re feeling creative why not make up a story? Maybe make up a story together. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a natural storyteller, if you get stuck for ideas ask your daughter what happens next, she is sure to surprise you. This is great fun and an excellent way to interact and create something together.  She will love making up crazy characters and worlds with you, setting you up for a barrel of laughs. There is little chance of boredom as story telling changes all the time, especially as children grow and their imaginations develop, but get stuck into it and chances are you will discover a whole world of fun together.


Maybe this activity doesn’t scream fun at you, but walking is a great exercise no matter what the age of your daughter.  It isn’t just the walking; it’s the things you see along the way – animals, flowers, plants and landmarks, so be prepared for a whole heap of questions from the inquisitive young mind trekking beside you. Take a nice stroll together every now and then and this will give her exercise, fresh air, an appreciation of the natural world and not to mention a lot of fun.


Bake a cake! How could this not be fun? Once you have mastered cakes, bake something else. Throw some ingredients into a bowl and see what happens. There is plenty of room for experimentation with cooking and she is sure to enjoy learning how it works. Haven’t cooked or baked before? Don’t let that stop you, take the opportunity to learn together.  The added bonus is, if you manage to cook up something tasty you should be in the good books with the rest of the family too.

CINEMAFather daughter activites

Everyone loves a good kid’s film right? Well I’ll admit that I do. What better way to spend a couple of hours with your daughter than at the cinema, relaxing and watching a great film? Sweets, popcorn and ice-cream are optional, but we wouldn’t recommend trying to say no to a couple of treats. After all, it’s part of the fun.


This activity is similar to storytelling in nature, in that it is creative and can also be interactive. From experience I have found that it’s great fun to roll out a large piece of card or paper and paint a picture together. Getting involved and contributing to the picture becomes a fun alternative to telling your daughter to go and draw alone. We have come up with some interesting and colourful joint efforts including a pirate ship taken over by mermaids and a farm full of snails, so you’re likely to come up with some unusual combinations, but there is no denying it is entertaining.


Perhaps the most popular choice on the list, but it’s popular for a reason, it’s enjoyable. It is also a great opportunity to teach your daughter an invaluable life skill. Swimming is one of the classic activities that the kids never seem to tire of, so next time you get the dreaded ‘I’m bored’ line, take your daughter for a swim. As she gets older you can get more adventurous and take her to a water park full of slides and rides or take up a water sport together, but it all starts with the basics so get those trunks out and take a trip to the pool.



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