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Fatherless families

fatherless families

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Ensuring Dad’s Play a Role in Children’s Lives

It’s sad, but break-up’s happen. The real test comes after the break up when the family is divided and it comes time for dad’s to make the effort to ensure they remain a strong influence in the lives of their children. It’s all too easy for fathers to lose contact with their children because they remind them of the pain they felt during the break up or maybe they remind him too much of the woman he has lost, or maybe in some very sad cases, he can’t be bothered or even isn’t allowed to try.Fatherless families doesn’t mean no father at all! It goes without saying that children prosper best when they have the love and support of both parents, that’s not to say single parents don’t raise great kids before I have you all lined up outside ready to string me up, I just mean it’s easier to have the support of both parents.

Always try and be involved

There plenty of opportunities for dads to get involved with their children, although at times it can seem like a mission to arrange it, there is no doubt it’s worth it and if you are serious about being a great dad, then any effort is nothing. From simple day to day routines to exciting weekend outings, any quality time will have a positive impact, so make sure you do whatever you can to spend any time at all with the little ones.

Picking the kids up from school and taking them for a meal or helping them with their homework can be great; many dad’s find that after a break up they are ashamed to take their children home as most fathers end up in cheap, sub standard flats and bed sits, but you can always take them to a café or maybe go to the library to do homework.

Your home is their home too

Don’t be ashamed to take your kids home – they are more interested in being with you than where they are when they are with you, having said that you still need to have things to do with them. Taking them out to the park and having a kick about, maybe playing in the swings and generally having a good run about with the kids, is not only good for them physically but the psychological benefits are immeasurable to both of you.

Taking the kids out doesn’t need to be expensive

Finding great weekend activities can be tough when you’ve just cleared your bank account in a messy divorce but there are so many great things you can do with the kids which perhaps you wouldn’t have thought about.fatherless familiesI’m lucky enough to live in the heart of Sussex where there is an abundance wild woodland to explore, if you know where to look then there are places where you can go that often only cost £1 to park and you can get all geared up in wet weather gear and tackle the great outdoors together. Walks along the beach in summer with a simple picnic or in the winter, wrap the kids up in their thick coats and take them down the local green to attack some puddles. Don’t be afraid to let the kids get wet, that’s why we invented winter coats, towels and hot baths, everything comes out in the wash, and make sure you get muddy too, it’s great fun especially for younger children.

If you have older kids then they may prefer a movie. To beat the financial strain you can look for deals, for example Cineworld do a membership program so you can plan a day and make sure you have the funds available, or if not then rent a movie and go to the local shop and buy some popcorn to share.

The healthiest activities are usually the ones you don’t have to pay much money for, there is a whole world of activities out  there ready for you to explore with your young ones, and if you play it right it can be educational too. If your child has homework about farm animals then find a local farm that will let you bring your kids down to see the animals.

Remaining an influential part of your child’s life is so important even if you are finding it hard emotionally, take time out to do homework, see your child’s teacher, find out what they love doing, watching them when they are going to hobbies and explore the vast world with them, you’ll be glad you did, and so will they.



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