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Feeling your baby kick

feeling baby kick

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Pregnancy can be both exciting and nail biting at the same time, especially if you are carrying your first child. One of those most exciting moments is when you experience feeling your baby kick. These can also be a very reassuring time as you know your baby is healthy and active.

When will I feel my baby kicking?

The first signs of a baby kicking generally happen between week 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If you have had a baby before then you can feel your baby kick as early as week 13 in your pregnancy. You will notice it more when you are comfortably sat or laid down.

feeling baby kick

What does it feel like?

The description given by mothers is the feeling of butterflies in the tummy or trembling. Women who have had children before can tell the difference between wind and kicking, but if you are expecting for the first time you will find it difficult to distinguish between the two. After the third trimester you will feel your baby kick out a lot more.

How often should my baby move?

By the end of your second trimester you should be feeling the movement a lot more, studies show a baby moves on average 30 times an hour. They are usually at their busiest between 9am and 1am.

Should I monitor the movements?

It’s not recommended to note down every little movement but if you want to then that is entirely up to you. Keep a chart and get into a comfortable position ideally after a meal and lay on your side. In a 2 hour period you should feel at least 10 movements, if it is less than 10 then you have a less active baby than usual.

I can’t feel my baby kicking

If you usually have an active baby and feel that your baby isn’t kicking as much as usual don’t panic but get in touch with your midwife for advice.




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