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Finding time for me

time for me

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Parents of young children could be forgiven for forgetting what “Me Time” is.  Let me help you out.  It is time that you take JUST FOR YOU. Finding time for me? Not your kids, not your partner, not your home, not your job.  You.  Remember that person?  Good.  Now here’s how to go about it:

Make Yourself the Priority

There is so much emphasis placed on how to be a good parent, that many lose sight of themselves in the process.  If you relate to this you are by no means alone.  Research suggests that the majority of parents are less happy today than they were 40 years ago (this research relates particularly to women, but in these modern times it is just as relevant to fathers).  The drive to be the best you can possibly be can lead you to place unrealistic demands on yourself in relation to your children.

Whether it is preparing elaborate meals for your toddler, striving to keep your home clean and tidy, or playing taxi service to a pre-teen who has a social life more packed than an It-Girl, parents are running themselves ragged.

Stop for a minute.  And breathe.  Then ask yourself if you want to be on top-form for your family, full of energy and vibrancy.  Of course you do.  In order to achieve that happy state you absolutely must take care of yourself.  You have to allow yourself to be the priority sometimes.  Allowing yourself that recognition brings you the freedom to put it into practice.

Diarise Some Time

Much of the spontaneity in your life probably disappeared with the arrival of your first child.  It may feel contrived, but you are going to have to be organised if you are to find that “Me Time” you so desperately need.  So diarise it.  Plan it in advance.  And ring-fence and protect that time from any other demand or intrusion that may seek to interfere with it.  View it as a priority, in the same vein as feeding your children, or keeping to a medication schedule.  Plan it in, and try very hard indeed to keep it there.

Frequency of Your Recharge

Little and often is more valuable than one night off a week (although this is good too!).  If you can find just half an hour a day (or even ten minutes) to zone out of family-mode, you will be astounded at how refreshed this can make you feel.

What to Do?

Although it’s important not to waste your recharge time, don’t fall into the trap of putting yourself under additional pressure to achieve something.  You may wish you had time to exercise, join an art class, or study something new, but go easy on yourself.

me time

In the beginning try simply switching off by taking a short walk, or relaxing somewhere that you will be undisturbed and just closing your eyes in a form of meditation.  Listening to a couple of your favourite music tracks, or enjoying a short burst of daytime TV can all help you switch off.  Be mindful of your body, and actively try to relax, and tune-out your brain from the noise of family life.

Once you have embraced the “Me Time” concept you will find yourself keen to preserve it.  It becomes addictive, and so it should.  Enjoy yourself in whatever form works for you, and know that everyone, including your family, will benefit as a result.





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About Cally Worden

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